100% Job Warranty Training

100% Job Warranty Training:

We believe in honesty and we are market leaders by the quality of training that we provide, not because we make fake promises. For us every student is a potential high performer and we will go extra miles to get him or her get the first job.

Since no training company can create vacancies in companies, they cannot provide 100% assurity of arranging a job for the trainees. However, we make it our duty to help each and every student of our institute to get interviews in companies whenever there is a suitable vacancy in the companies and that information is available with us. Our aim is not to make money by making fake promises but we believe the in motto that if we can place one student he or she will bring us ten more students to us.

As we are working professionals, we have connection and information available from various companies about the vacancies that exists. Most of the vacancies are not advertised publicly and they are fulfilled via referrals schemes. We have that information gathered and we pass on to all our current and past students. Whenever a student joins our training program we add his or her email id to our JOB Alerts distribution list.